Hightop Park British Shorthairs

Available/Litters Due



Our kittens go to there new homes once they
have had there second vaccination at 10 weeks or older.

Kittens will come Vaccinated x 2 vaccinations, microchipped, wormed, flea treated.
Registered with ANCATS. 
Royal Canin Kitten Pack as well as 6 Weeks Free Pet Insurance.
We also hand out a informative information pack on how to raise and care for your baby.
All our kittens are well socialised.

We give you a contract to sign to say that your kitten will be desexed before they are 6 months are old and will give back $100 to go towards the compulsory desexing once the desexing certificate has been supplied.

Check out our Facebook page for more information.


Kittens are raised in our house and are very well socalised and quite.

All of our adult breeding cats have been DNA tested and are clear of disease.
Prices for Scottish Shorthairs/Folds $2750 for Scottish & $3000 for Folds -

Cost for British Shorthairs $2750 for Long Hairs - $3000 British Shorthairs blues

My fawn or cinnamon babies they are $3500 for pet kittens





We dont keep waiting lists or hold deposits until we have kittens born and are allocated to there new owners.


Please complete this application form https://form.jotform.co/83488210188866 as it the first step in the process to acquiring a kitten from Hightop Park British Shorthairs. 

APPROVAL AND DEPOSIT $500:  Applications are processed in the order they are received. If your home is a good fit, I'll notify you. We will only accept deposits when kittens are ready to be allocated.  We dont take money before babies are born. 

If you make a deposit, you are committing to take a kitten from the litter. If for any reason you change your mind the non-refundable deposit of $500 will be kept.

YOUR PICK OF KITTEN:  Kittens will be assigned in deposit order by the first or second preference of the depositor as indicated on the application. If neither of your choices are available, you may elect another kitten from the litter. We ask that you make a choice within 24 hours of notification since there may be other families waiting for a chance to choose. Should you elect to not take a kitten from the litter, the deposit is forfeited and the deposit applied to the costs of the deposit applied to finding the kitten another home. It is not forwarded to an upcoming litter as we do not have regular litters.

GOING HOME: We cannot hold kittens for extended times; it is critical for their social development that the kitten departs within a reasonable timeframe.  If your kittens has to stay here longer than the original date agreed you will be charged $7.50 per day for boarding and food.

CONTRACT: Our adoption form - forms our agreement of purchasing a kitten from us.

SPAY/NEUTER: Our kittens go out on a desexing contract - they must be desexed before 6 months of age.  Once we have received the certificate saying your kitten has been desexed we will deposit $100 back into your nominated bank account.

REGISTRATION PAPERS:  Our kittens are registered with the Australian National Cats Association Inc (ANCATS) pedigree papers will be posted or sent with the kitten for you to transfer into your name. Our Breeder Registration Number 14219.

The breeder reserves the right to refuse any placement at any time. 

Visiting Your Kitten - Closed Cattery

We have very strict quarantine procedures when we bring in another kitten or cat to our home, they are put in a quarantine area and are not allowed near our other cats or kittens until quarantine period is done and all their blood results have come back clear.

For this reason we do not allow an open cattery policy here, as we have invested far to much to allow a disease or virus to be brought into our cattery.

Cat flu/diseases and viruses can travel on shoes, clothes, car tyres and on human skin. We have very strict health regulations here for the sake of all our cats and new kittens. So please dont be offended that we do not allows visitors into our home. This is why we take videos and photos of your kitten and send on request.